Cold Call Strategies: A Guide to Creating your Phone Script

90% of Fortune 500 marketing managers claim that telemarketing is an effective tool. Nearly 60% say that it is very effective. To achieve positive results, you’ll need the right phone script. Here are some things to consider when coming up with one.

Cold Call Strategies: A Guide to Creating your Phone Script

Provide a Brief Introduction

Many people view cold calls as an invasion of their time. As such, you should make your introduction as brief as possible. Tell them your name, title, and name of your company, but do not elaborate too much beyond that. Otherwise, you will likely lose their interest.

Hook the Listener

Open with a question or statement that will get your prospect thinking. Give that person something to relate to that you can later tie into the product or service you are trying to sell. At this point, you are wanting people to begin thinking about a problem that you will later provide the solution to.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Ask open-ended questions in order to spark conversation and increase interest. Doing so gives you an opportunity to expand on your product without seeming pushy in the process. Allow some flexibility in your script for responding to questions that others may ask of you. The overall tone should be conversational rather than appearing too robotic.

Quantify the Benefits

Provide statistics rather than a general statement regarding benefits whenever possible. Some examples include:

  • “We’ve helped companies just like yours increase profits by 20%.”
  • “Our service can save you 4 hours per week.”
  • “85% of all users are satisfied with this product, and would recommend it to others.”

Close the Deal

Wrap up the call by giving the other party a chance to take action. When doing so, be firm but polite. Schedule a time to follow up if that person needs more time to think about things. Be sure to thank your prospect for his or her time regardless of how the call turns out.

Follow this guide, and you too can enjoy greater cold calling success. For help with lead generation or phone call scripts, please contact us.