Aged Texas Business Leads

Aged Texas Business Leads
New businesses take time to get setup and organized. You don’t have time to wait around for the leads to age for your business development. At Texas Business Leads, we keep track of these leads and release them to our customers once they are older than 90 days. Businesses such as Web Development, Furniture Rentals, Vending Services all find these leads to be great.

The process of identifying new customers is very simple.

  1. The process starts with a steady and reliable supply prospects with a point of contact, phone number or mail address.
  2. Design an effective contact method; phone or mail.
  3. A regular, routine, consistent time set aside each week to do nothing but make new contact with prospects.
  4. Develop a contact presentation that solves a prospects problem.
  5. A well designed follow up process for those prospects that express some interest in the problem solving proposal.
  6. Repeat hundreds of times.