Depends on which report you order and when you order. Most all the reports list 200 to 300 names each week. Some week’s less, and some weeks more. We process 2500 to 3500 new leads every week, clean out duplications, sort to our more than 20 custom reports. We say the average report over the year is approximately 200 leads.

We don’t reveal our sources. However, these new leads were processing for permits and approvals in the previous 7 days. This time frame makes them very current and highly time sensitive to necessary “startup” services.

Companies get on the list one of 3 ways: 1) A new company getting ready for its first opening, up to 90 days before their official opening. 2) An existing company adding a new location. 3) An existing company making a change in management or ownership or home office location.

Many of the listings are up to 90 days before their opening. Each lead lists an opening date. The Excel reports can be sorted by opening date, helpful to quickly prioritize and find the newest companies fast.

Our weekly reports do not include email addresses. Our belief is that due the time sensitivity of these new business openings and their short time to opening a prospecting approach based on response to an email has very low probability of being seen or answered. Understanding this reality, the direct call and presenting your services is more effective then email blasts. Our weekly leads reports provide all the information needed to make an effective direct call.

Company name, some include a contact name (usually the owner), postal mail address, county located in, company phone, local phone, opening date, NAICS industry code, NACIS descriptor. Each report is delivered as an Excel spreadsheet. We do have options to merge the spreadsheet to a Word document.