A Foolproof Formula for Using Customer Success Stories for Cold Calling

Customer success stories are one of the most powerful tools available if you want to reach your sales goals with cold calling. High performing sales reps know that you can’t take a break from getting new customers. Make your hard work pay off by learning how to tell a story that your sales leads will find memorable and compelling. Here’s a time-tested formula for success.

A Foolproof Formula for Using Customer Success Stories for Cold Calling

Get Emotional:

Purchasing decisions often have as much to do with feelings as with facts. Craft stories that create an emotional connection. You might generate empathy by focusing on a challenge that your lead struggles with themselves. You might have a story that naturally evokes good vibes where an underdog triumphs or people get helped through a crisis.

Be Relevant:

Develop a whole series of success stories. That way you’ll have industry specific examples that you can customize for each lead. It may also help to think about the size of the organizations involved, so it’s easier for your lead to imagine themselves in the same scenario.

Use Numbers:

Quantifying your achievements makes them sound more impressive and creates a more vivid picture of what happened. Collect data that shows the impact you had on revenue, costs, and quality.

Focus on the Future:

Prepare a strong finish. Once you’ve told your story, let your lead know how you’re going to get similar results for them. Summarize what you learned from the experience and how it builds your capacity to keep delivering superior solutions.

Practice Regularly:

Storytelling is like any other skill. You’ll get better with practice. Rehearse by yourself or with a colleague. Time yourself so that you’ll know how long you’re really talking.

Of course, your results will depend on having fresh and accurate business leads to go along with your cold calling and storytelling skills. Contact us at Texas Business Leads to get a free sample of our new business prospecting leads.