B2B Marketing: Maximizing Success

Master these 8 steps, and you maximize marketing success. To get the greatest marketing ROI follow these steps:

B2B Marketing: Maximizing Success

Step 1; Get the Right Leads

Get a running supply of the right leads for your business. That is what we do for each of our clients. Customized leads are critical, and every week we deliver.

Step 2: Get the Lead’s Attention

All your prospects receive emails. The sender wants to begin a relationship that leads to the first order. Most emails are either ignored or the headline is scanned but not opened. The secret to getting your email opened is to excite, entice, question, or promise. David Ogilvy, the Father of advertising, said that on average five times as many people read the headline as read the body. Getting a prospect to read your headline and then to open your email puts you in the top 20% of B2B marketers.

Always ask yourself, “If I were the prospect, would this headline make me open the email?” If you answer “No” or “Perhaps” then rewrite it. Get this step right and you leave most of your competitors behind.

Step 3: Speak Them “Where They Live”

Make the body emotionally powerful. Your prospect may be a CEO, a CFO, or a solopreneur who is just starting out, but they are all people. People respond to emotion: desires, fears, aspirations, the ecstasy of achievement, the misery of failure, etc. Whatever you want them to do, base it on a powerful emotion.

Step 4: Reinforce with Logic

After they “feel” make them “understand” and “believe.” Everyone uses logic to reinforce their feelings. If they “want” what you are selling, they will use facts, figures, and proof to move them from interest and desire to conviction and decision.

Step 5: Make the Offer

Always offer something. It may be a meeting, a trial, a purchase, based on what your product or service will do for them.

Step 6: Give Them a Good Reason to Accept the Offer NOW

The “Takeaway Close” works. Put a time limit on how long they have to accept your offer.

Step 7: Make it Easy

“Click here now to . . .” delivers the offer they are accepting.

Step 8: Always Add a P.S.

The second most-read part of an email (after the headline) is the P.S. Your P.S. summarizes the benefit of the product, service, and offer. Then add another “Click Here” button to “close the sale.”

You control Steps 2 to 8. We deliver Step 1 So all you have to do is click here! Call us today for help with your B2B marketing!