The Best Cold Call Email You Can Use

Your Initial Goals

Your Number 1 and Number 2 goals when you make a cold call or cold call email is for your prospect to:

  1. Pick up the phone.
  2. Want to have a conversation.

You achieve that with this powerful yet simple email strategy. Marketers call it “the teaser email.” Its sole purpose is to get the prospect to want to take the call. So before you call, you send your email teaser.

Write your email so it sells the call not your product or service. Your prospects are busy; they get a running supply of emails and phone calls, so your goal is to get them to stop, open, read, and want. That’s it: Stop what they are doing, open your email, read it, and decide they want to talk with you when you call.

An Analogy

You are on a crowded street, you see you someone you recognize about 20 feet away. You want to tell them something, so what do you do? You shout. “Hey Jane! I’ve got something for you, let’s grab a coffee.

What is Jane’s most likely response? “OK, wow! Yeah.” Or, “OK, wow! Look, I can’t just now but let’s do it tomorrow.” Either way, you will meet for coffee. And that is what your email teaser is all about.

Your Cold Call Email

  • The headline must make your prospect stop. Make a powerful statement about their business, market, goals or obstacles. Or make it a question.
  • Use their name. We send you leads, so after they open your email the first thing they see is their own name.
  • The first sentence must reinforce or expand on the headline.
  • List three or four bullet points to get them involved in achieving the goal and getting the glory, or solving the problem and avoiding the misery (by using your product or service.)
  • End by saying you hold the solution and you want to discuss it with them, so you will call them  on (insert a day and time slot, so they expect you to call.)
  • Sign off and put your own phone number or email address below your name.

The Results?

The three most likely results are:

  • They take the call.
  • Contact you to arrange a different day/time.
  • Tell you when you call, they can’t talk now, so arrange a time to suit them.

If you make cold calls; this strategy maximizes your results. To get a running supply of leads just click here to start the ball rolling.