Can Spending More Time With Clients Increase Sales?

Successful Sales Tip #2: Spend More Time With Clients

Sales performance gaps can be up to 4 times the difference between the top 30% performers compared to the bottom 30% performers.  One route to increased revenue is to have the bottom performers do the successful things the top performers do well. 

In this article, we focus on one of the key tactics top performers do that can be statistically measured and compared to less successful sales reps. 

The McKinsey and Company study of November 2020 reports McKinsey and Company Report after analyzing 315 sales reps in five companies in the US and Europe, high-performance sales reps spend 22% more time with prospects and clients than lower performing sales reps.  And these prospects and clients prefer this time to be remote.  The huge move to virtual meetings during the past year due to the pandemic has encouraged remote/virtual client development visits. 

This McKinsey study details that both high-performers and low-performers have the same level of time-consuming administrative tasks.  High performers will find time and make a priority additional contact with prospects and existing customers as a regular part of day-to-day sales activities.  Top performing sales reps spend 22% more time communicating with prospects, clients, and customers. 

This measurement confirms my career experience:  the most successful sales reps make more contacts; communicate more with existing clients and even stay in touch with terminating clients to maintain valuable industry relationships. 

As a smart sales manager, look for ways to lighten the administrative load on sales reps, encourage and support more time spent prospecting and developing existing clients and as always, measure results. 

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