Overcoming the Fear of Prospecting

It is so exciting when you make a sale as a salesman, it is so fulfilling. A successful salesman knows that making a sale is a step-by-step process. It doesn’t happen accidentally. You must work for it.  Prospecting is a critical step, it is the foundation of the entire sales process.  If you sell to the wrong prospects it won’t matter how good you are in the rest of the process, you will definitely fail. It is like driving for miles only to realize that you are heading in the wrong direction. It is the most critical stage in the sales process but most salespeople are have a fear of prospecting.

Overcoming the Fear of Prospecting

So, how do we overcome the fear of prospecting?

Overcoming the fear of prospecting has remained a challenge for many salespeople they have ended up becoming poor salespeople in the process. There is a need to overcome this fear and enjoy prospecting. Here are some tips on how to overcome the fear of prospecting;

1.  Don’t make the process be about you.

Making the process of prospecting about you is the greatest barrier to successful prospecting. It makes you develop fear and become reluctant about the process. You start developing some self-limiting beliefs. Instead, let prospecting be all about the prospects and the value you can give to them. This will relieve you from the unnecessary pressure of focusing on your limitations.

2. Change your belief system.

For you to be successful in prospecting, you must change what you think about yourself. You must change your inner narrative, replace every negative belief with a positive belief. Prospecting isn’t scary it is the beliefs that we have that make it scary or enjoyable. Your attitude plays a pivotal role in the entire process. So, work on your attitude and enjoy being a salesperson.

3. Equip yourself with knowledge.

Always desire to learn more about prospecting and other sales skills.  Study more books such as high-profit-prospecting-14-second-voicemail/  by Mark Hunter. This will equip you with the skills to be good at prospecting. With knowledge, you will overcome fear of prospecting.  Contact us For more insightful information.