Tracking Your Wins

Are you tracking your wins?

The main reason why we start businesses is to make profits. However, making profits does not mean that there is no occurrence of losses. Business can be full of activities that sometimes we might forget to track our wins. At the end of the week or month, you need to go back to your books or records and pick out what you have won and lost.

We need to pay more attention to our wins in every business. Wins are what keep you going. However, every business has its problems, so we end up being discouraged if we do not track our wins. Are you tracking your wins? If not, please start doing so on a weekly or monthly basis.

Tracking Your Wins

How do I track my wins?

We are in business to sell. Therefore, the need to look at the number of sales made weekly or monthly is very vital. That way, you will be able to tell whether you have achieved your target. Setting a target for your business is very crucial. It helps get to know what you missed, what you gained, and what you need to do to cover the variance.

The other important factor that you need to put in place to track your wins is customer service. You might have achieved your targets for the month or week but lost on a client returning to you due to a bad customer experience. Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Let the customers tell you what they think about your organization.

Always ask yourself how your competitors are faring. Is there business doing better than yours? Try and find out. You might be celebrating your win, but in a real sense, compared to your competitors, you are still at the bottom. Try and find out what they are doing better than you. Please get to know where they get their leads. For better understanding you can contact us at Texas Business Leads.