3 Ways to Help Your Salespeople Take the Fear out of Cold Calling

Do you wish there was something you could do to help your salespeople feel more confident about making cold calls? As it turns out, there is a lot an employer can do to encourage happier employees and healthier sales.

Even experienced salespeople can sometimes feel scared to make a cold call. It’s a natural reaction, but it can interfere with making a successful sale. Here are 3 strategies that can help you to turn things around:

3 Ways to Help Your Salespeople Take the Fear out of Cold Calling

Provide Ongoing Training:

Many companies provide their salespeople with training only once a year. Some provide training only during onboarding for new employees. This is a common practice even though it goes against overwhelming evidence that incremental education is far more effective. Training works better when you do it on a regular basis and give people a chance to apply what they’ve just learned. For example, if you’re getting new leads each Monday, schedule a brief session at the start of the week to share a new marketing tip or resource.

Strengthen Your Organization:

To some extent, what happens during a cold call depends on what is going on during the rest of the work day. You need to have adequate support and systems in place so your salespeople can approach their work in an organized and consistent way. Of course, this year has been full of disruptions that no one could control. However, that makes it even more important to provide as much stability as possible where you can.

Buy Quality Leads:

Cold calling is automatically less scary when you’re contacting the right people for your offer. Texas Business Leads delivers fresh, accurate, and reachable leads each week. That can motivate a lot of calls.

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