The Scientific Reason Why New Businesses Offer So Many Business Opportunities

You probably know that new businesses are a major audience for B2B sales and marketing. You may even target them yourself. In fact, there’s actually some scientific evidence for why soon to open businesses are so rich in business opportunities. It has to do with how your brain creates habits.

The Scientific Reason Why New Businesses Offer So Many Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities and the Power of Habits:

Many psychologists believe that more than half our daily actions occur automatically based on habits that we’ve reinforced over time. Environment plays a big role in these routines. One implication of this behavior is that changing your surroundings makes it much easier to change your habits. For example, you might quit smoking or start working out daily when you’re on vacation even though you struggled trying to do the same thing at home.

For B2B salespeople, this means soon to open business leads are more open to considering new vendors, products, and services. These potential customers are more likely to be making intentional decisions about what they are going to purchase rather than repeating their usual choices, even if they’re not aware of their mind shift themselves.

Finding Soon to Open Business Leads:

Are you eager to get your foot in the door as soon as possible with new businesses in your area, but you’re not sure where to start? Purchasing qualified leads from an experienced company is one of the most effective strategies. You can still do your own research like reading local media and participating in your nearest chapter of the Chamber of Commerce. However, to acquire an adequate volume of leads to keep your sales funnel going, you’ll probably need to work with a professional.

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